July 18 (11-9) & 19 (11-8), 2020

Alameda Elks Lodge

2255 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501


2020 Dancer information

All Dancers must send in money & forms by May 15, 2020.

All Vendors must print out the Vendor Registration Form, fill it out.

Mail to: CARNIVAL OF STARS, 1115 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94702

Please make checks payable to CARNIVAL OF STARS

Main Stage contact: Pepper Alexandria: (510) 548-6128 for scheduling.

Cabaret Stage contact: Pepper Alexandria:(510) 548-6128 for scheduling


2020 Vendor Information

All Vendors must send in money & forms by June 1, 2020

All Vendors must print out the Vendor Registration Form, fill it out.

Mail to: CARNIVAL OF STARS, 1115 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94702

Please make checks payable to CARNIVAL OF STARS

3 Tier Pricing

Ballroom (main stage)

1st Table


Additional Tables or Rack Spaces

$100 ea.



1st Table


Additional Tables or Rack Spaces

$60 ea.

Cabaret Floor

1st Table


Additional Tables or Rack Spaces

$50 ea.

Please direct inquiries to Pepper Alexandria: (510) 548-6128 


2020 Costume Contest


Costume Contest Prize

1st Prize…  $100 & a Fabulous Trophy

2nd Prize…  $50 & a Beautiful Trophy

3rd prize…  $20 & a Wonderful Trophy

Best In Show...$20 & Trophy

Most Beautiful…  a Trophy

Most Creative… a Trophy

MC's Favorite… a Trophy

Sunday, July 19, 2020. 2:30 - 4 P.M.


Contest Rules:

The Costume Contest will begin at 2:30 P.M. on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Contestants MUST  be in Lobby with their music and filled out description cards by 2:00 pm

Participants compete for the chance to win prizes including trophies and cash.

*YOUR TICKET into the festival will be ONLY $5.

In order to win 1st prize your costume must be at least 50% handmade!

•Costumes can be anything, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Star Wars, Anime. But remember, we have children in the house, so be good kids if you are going to be in the contest. No exposed body parts beyond what a Bikini would show.

Wardrobe malfunction's that expose X rated body parts are an automatic disqualifier!

 Please Do Not bring any toy guns or replicas to the contest. Toy and replica GUNS are NOT are allowed at Carnival of Stars. Simulated or costume weapons are NOT allowed as a part of your costume. All costumes must conform to state and federal law.

Carnival of Stars reserves the right to change or modify any policy or rule at any time and without notice.

Contestants must provide their own music on compact disc and sent in to Carnival of Stars 1115 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94702 2 weeks before day of contest. You must check in before 1 PM and report to the Costume Contest Coordinator.

You must have a performers Stamp to get back stage which you will receive stamp when you sign in. The dressing Rooms are on the right hand of the back stage and men's dressing rooms are upstairs back stage. Contestants will line up on the wings, right side of the stage by 2:10 PM (20 min before the Contest). Each contestant’s “performance” is not to exceed 1 minute and 15 seconds. After your presentation, exit stage and wait in the wings. Please be quiet back stage.

Thank you for your participation!

VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: Carl Sermon Official Videographer and Photographer

To order Videos or Photos please use this link  to obtain form 

Information about  2020 venue: Alameda Elks Lodge
1. Main Stage 24'x30'
Dark Red Curtain
Enter from sides of the stage
Or if you are brave come up 3 flights of stairs and enter from the side of curtain back stage.

2. Only one Dressing Room. It's on the 2nd floor. We must all share, but, I think we can manage. There are two Pool tables in the dressing room that we are not allowed to touch them or put anything on.


3. Cabaret Side Show stage18'x9'.

It can be entered from a tiny room back stage with a small door leading to stage.
Or you can dance in front of the stage.

4. Cafe on the bottom floor
Menu (link)
Coffee, tea, lemon aid, water $2
Wine and champagne bar on the top floor. Open 1 to 7, Drinks $10.  COS makes no money from the Bar, but thought having a bar would be a Lagniappe.


5. All dancers must check in and sign and get a stamp at the front door

6. Please keep our dressing rooms and bathrooms clean

Thank you. Pepper

Hotels, Parking and Directions


HotelsRecommended by several  of last years attendees: Coral Reef Inn  and Suits or Link to Trip Advisor for Hotels near Alameda Elks Lodge:


Parking:  There is a Parking Lot in the rear of the Lodge and Next Door.  There is also a Parking Garage located 2 blocks away at Alameda Civic Center Garage, 1442 Oak St, Alameda, CA 94501


Directions: Link to MapQuest:

Note: Park St. or 24th Ave. exits from 80 not available at this time. Use Posey Tube or Fruitvale