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A Fantasy Convention


World Dance, Cos-play and Nonstop Entertainment!

Will Return July 2022

 To the family of carnival of Stars.

You know how hard everyone has worked so we can enjoy our festival once a year. The only thing that matters to any of us is that we stay safe. We have come to the conclusion that is better for us to skip one more year. We will reschedule Carnival of Stars for July, 2022. @ the Elks Lodge Alameda, ca. The schedule for next year will be exactly the same as we planned it for this year. I apologize to everyone but I just cannot take anyone’s lives into my hands. As of now the venue is even closed and will be closed for a while. Any dancer or vendor who has sent us any money, of course we will return. If you would like to leave your money for next year we will not collect fees from you Next year. Any fees returned will be returned by check from our accounting department. Please give us a couple of weeks to organize everything. I want to thank everybody for your cooperation & help for the last 16 years. it has been a struggle for us to stay alive. And of course at this point it will be a struggle for everyone to stay healthy. Please feel free to write me, email, or call after 12 noon. Please except my love and my best wishes . Those of you who know me understand that this is for the best. I love and appreciate everyone of you.


Pepper Alexandria and the staff & Ghawazee


For info on Carnival of Stars 510-548-6128 in Berkeley, CA